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The Necessary and Proper Elastic Clause has been misconstrued to apply to any and all things considered to be “proper” totally ignoring that it applies only to the enumerated powers, but nothing more.  

And the “Welfare Clause” authorizes Congress to “provide for the common Defense and general Welfare” which means that Congress is to arrange for conditions that would allow every citizen to prosper.

No way does it mean government handouts.   

It is not for the Supreme Court to “interpret the Constitution” but rather determine if a law is constitutional and if it isn’t, send it back. Nor is it to make laws. That is clearly the function of Congress. 

“Treaty law supersedes the Constitution” is true only when the treaty is “pursuant to the Constitution,that is, consistent with the terms of our Constitution.  

As for the Supreme Court Justices serving life terms, they only serve at the pleasure of Congress which has the option to impeach, try and remove them from office. 

Congress has the power of the purse and can refuse to fund the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional rulings; Congress can limit their jurisdiction and prevent them from hearing a case. 

State nullification allows a state to disregard an unconstitutional federal law. And, informing the electorate so that they will elect members of Congress who will honor their oath of office, would also rein in the Supreme Court.


Sue Long

North, VA  23128


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