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Despite the stunning revelations of technologies and recent events, I heard a liberal again yesterday trying to corner a presidential candidate about "choice". It stuns me. People have made those kinds of choices through history – to think of a person, a distinct individual, as less than a human being, or as private property with no rights who can suffer horrible treatment.

We dealt with it here in the 1860s, again in Europe in the 1940s. An effect of that choice in Germany was to use the victims in medical research. How do people not recognize a repeat of shockingly bad choices? But once again, in a short time, maybe 5 years or 10 years, all will look back and say "How could it happen again in civilized society?"

Because people turn a blind eye. They speak in society and courts using euphemisms like choice, reproductive health, and "part of a woman's body" as a semantic mask. And it takes the shock of something like using human specimens for research to wake them up to the horror. And yet some still sleep, with hearts slowed to a cold beat, and ask as if in some dream state, "Where do you stand on "choice"?

I would ask, "No, where do you stand on it?" 

Ira White - Portsmouth

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