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This morning I was sent an article by a well-meaning patriot, telling me that "200 retired generals and admirals oppose the Iran deal."  What followed was an article on how said admirals and generals were sending a strongly worded letter to Congress telling them how bad the Iran deal really is.

OK, so my reaction?  Hmmm...  Gee that's just wonderful!  

I was reminded of something Mark Steyn said as he was hosting the Rush Limbaugh show the other day, about RINO senators and congressmen standing there with a scowl and announcing they've opposed abortion for 30, 40, 50 years or more.  But guess what, we still have Roe v. Wade and taxpayer financed abortions.

It's not enough to stand hands on hips DECLARING your opposition to something, YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.  Bring about legislation, make a meaningful stand against the president, fight him for God's sake! 

Opposing the Iran deal sounds all cushy nice and mealy mouthed pap for the somnolent class, but I'll believe them when I actually see some action taken... you know, like a military coup, or some arrests being manifested for these traitors, Obama, Kerry, and the rest of them.

Until then, I can't be bothered by people who simply "oppose" this or that, or send around incessant petitions and ask me to "call my representative"...or something. 

Truth is, I HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVE anymore.  None of us do, they're all useless, self-serving, and corrupt.  There is only one thing now that can save the republic from the girly men that are in charge, and that's to TAKE AWAY their offices and replace them immediately with real men, real patriots, and sane people.

That applies to the Supreme Court as well, the entire system of checks and balances is broken except in this manner: They write the checks and we the people pay the balances. 

So do I care that 200 generals and admirals (retired by the way) oppose the Iran deal?  Well...it's a start, and what a lovely one it is too, my oh my, makes my heart just go pitty-pat.  

But really, call me when the real fight begins, that's when I will get involved.

Bill in Tennessee

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