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Okay, kind of expected and I returned blessings. Get seated in the movie theater, and then we offer to move down for two black ladies looking for a seat. Small gesture, but they were very thankful. 

A few minutes before the movie starts, a woman on the other side of us offers us a bunch of her M&Ms. Now its getting weird because no one has ever done that before, and have you seen the price of M&Ms in a movie theater?! (It was "pay it forward" in reverse.)

Everyone thoroughly enjoys the movie and when it ends, the woman next to us (one we gave a seat to) is having trouble getting to her feet due to age and weight, so I give her a hand. 

She finally gets upright and everyone around is in such good spirits that I just feel comfortable exclaiming "Thank you Jesus!", and they all bust out laughing. Then her older companion with a cane is trying to manage the steps, so I take her arm and help her slowly get to the floor.

That was the spirit that filled the place, and it refreshed my heart because of the recent epidemic of hate and violence from Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, Ferguson and Baltimore rioters, and many political leaders. 

That disappeared in this theater filled with black and white who were unified in the context of the movie.

It became our War Room against the ugliness of humanity outside those walls, and our weapons were inspiration and even fellowship as we became equipped to exit with a fresh sense of our mission and purpose. 

I thank God that movies like this are taking the country by surprise (no surprise to Him of course), and I pray everyone has a chance to experience the blessing waiting for them in this film. It just might restore your faith in humanity too

Ira White - Portsmouth VA

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