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Home Letters To The Editor Attend "Fair & Equitable Grading" in VB Schools


To:  Parents and interested Virginia Beach citizens..... 

This is an opportunity to learn about what is now standard in some of our Virginia Beach schools.  You will be surprised, and I think, quite disheartened.  Please, set aside the time to attend one of these "Fair and Equitable Grading" meetings.  I am hopeful there will be "fairness", fairness to be honest with all those in attendance as to what exactly is going on regarding the grading(or lack thereof) and non-accountability practices taking place. Are these practices more attempts towards  the "dumbing down" of our children?  Let's hear what the Virginia Beach Administration has to say.   I hope to see thousands of concerned parents attend ...... we owe it to our children.

(Meeting on this subject will be held at 6:30 PM March 16 at Kellam High School and 2665 W.Neck Road;  And at 6:30 PM March 22 at  First Colonial High School and 1272 Mill Dam Road. Parents and interested parties are encouraged to attend.)

Thank you,

Toni Hedrick

Grandmother and very concerned

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