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Now that Pay Murphy no longer graces your pages, you may want to reconsider your standard intro to any article regarding SPSA which starts with..."CRIMINALLY CORRUPT, NEARLY BANKRUPT SPSA"... and then continues with the news article, which of course, never says any such thing.

Fact is, neither of the above charges is remotely true, yet the VBTA never ceases to use another opportunity to show how inept and out of touch with reality it really is.  I guess when the communication director of the VBTA is also the publisher of VNS, the cross over is just too easy to occur.

Fact is, no criminal charges have ever been made against SPSA or the members of the board, and since the adoption of the short term fiscal plan, and the issuance of refunding bonds by VBTA, the fiscal crisis, which resulted from certain members refusing to pay the required tip fee, has been averted.  In fact, soon the bids will be received for the sale of the WTE facilities, and this may very well herald a new day for SPSA when it will be out of the headlines and back to simply disposing of solid waste on a day to day basis in an efficient and effective manner.

That is certainly not worthy of a headline, but neither is a made up fabrication that is the current policy of this publication.


Michael Barrett
Virginia Beach

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