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Once again, the VBTA distinguishes itself by shooting itself in the foot.  By advocating for doing away with fees that are paid by special interests, Robert Dean and the VBTA is advocating that these be done away with and replaced with just a few taxes, like personal property, real estate, utilitiy, etc.

Frankly, as a real estate developer, I support the special fees we pay in order to have a site plan accepted, reviewed, approved, filed, inspected, and accepted into the city system.

I do not think the citizens should have to pay for these special services, it ought to be the developer's responsibility.  Further, if a citizen wants to use the facilities at the recreation center, or take a special class, they should pay that fee, not the general taxpayer.

So once Robert Dean gets you angry at the number of taxes and fees that the City can levy, ask him why he wants you to shoulder this burden in the general tax rate.

Isn't it better for special interests to pay for the cost of their special services?  Yes, of course it is, and if Robert had a brain, he would know that.


Michael J. Barrett
Virginia Beach

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