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Re-establishing Government By The People … 

it has to start with replacing crony capitalism with a government that doesn’t pick winners and losers.

The first step is replacing Louis Jones, the Bayside District Council member who’s under the thumb of Will Sessoms, the first Beach mayor convicted of a crime.

Jones, despite what he may say privately, is a major supporter of bringing Norfolk’s “Tide-Tanic” light rail boondoggle and forcing it down the throats of Beach taxpayers. 

Despite the findings of the $6.6 million study which showed that the project WOULD NOT REDUCE TRAFFIC CONGESTION - by a single car…  despite the 1,125 daily ridership in 2034; despite the fact that the 3-mile project is estimated to cost the taxpayers $327 million, and despite the fact that Norfolk’s Tide is the highest subsidized lie-rail system in the nation, Jones wants to move forward with this blackhole disaster.

If you agree with Jones, keep silent. If you disagree, his number is 583-0177

Robert K. Dean - Virginia Beach

(Dean is a former City Councilman and unsuccessful candidate for mayor)


Letter to Editor: 

The US debt is over $18,000,000,000 and climbing.  Those in power seem to be in a drunken stupor.

At some point, our debt will no longer favored as an investment which will cause our interest payments to go up even more.  In fact people may not even want to buy our debt.  

In either case, it will be so bad that the politicians and other with great power will take what ever action necessary to "save" the country.

There is an over $18 trillion source of private funds that they can take by force, just as gold was taken.

That source of funds is the amounts people have in IRAs, 401-Ks and other private retirement plans.  The government will then "promise" to pay those who will have to give up their money a "pension."  This then gives the government  power over every retiree dependent upon the "pension."

This will be a nationalism of private retirement plans.  It will help solve the debt problem and give control to the socialist/communist.  If you do not comply with their edicts, they will control you by varying or deleting your pension.  Sounds like the mark of the beast.

The trend is not your friend.

Ben Krause - Virginia Beach



To:  Parents and interested Virginia Beach citizens..... 

This is an opportunity to learn about what is now standard in some of our Virginia Beach schools.  You will be surprised, and I think, quite disheartened.  Please, set aside the time to attend one of these "Fair and Equitable Grading" meetings.  I am hopeful there will be "fairness", fairness to be honest with all those in attendance as to what exactly is going on regarding the grading(or lack thereof) and non-accountability practices taking place. Are these practices more attempts towards  the "dumbing down" of our children?  Let's hear what the Virginia Beach Administration has to say.   I hope to see thousands of concerned parents attend ...... we owe it to our children.

(Meeting on this subject will be held at 6:30 PM March 16 at Kellam High School and 2665 W.Neck Road;  And at 6:30 PM March 22 at  First Colonial High School and 1272 Mill Dam Road. Parents and interested parties are encouraged to attend.)

Thank you,

Toni Hedrick

Grandmother and very concerned



It is as dangerous as it is disappointing; the calls to silence dissent and disagreement from those who’s arguments cannot withstand the scrutiny of critical thinking and documented facts. 

One of the greatest liberties ever granted to man by God was the liberty to disagree with Him. Imagine The Almighty condescending to allow the impudence of His creation to defiantly rage, “There is no God!” 

The Founding Fathers did not have to research history to understand the tyranny against the mind, the censorship of religion, conscience, speech, and thought.  They lived it, hence the establishment of the 1st Amendment in our Bill of Rights.


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(2nd District Cong. Scott) Rigell is a liar. 

Naturally he'd vote to fully fund Planned Parenthood. I guess that he feels that it's cool to kill babies and cut them up (to sell their pieces)? 

I know that Rigell won't answer my registered letter and (he) lied to me in front of 200+ voters at his Town Hall meeting in April 2015. Yep, Rigell is a liar!

John P. Kuchta Jr.

Virginia Beach

[Kuchta has written registered, return receipt, letters and attended and questioned Rep. Rigell about his political policies on terrorism to budgeting to murdering babies without getting a response. He continues to ask, "Why?"]

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