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In the spirit of Jonathan Swift, let me suggest a modest proposal

ISIS can now be diagnosed as a cancer. Having had a recent experience with cancer (2013, in remission now), I know personally that you treat it with radiation, chemo, and surgery if you have to mop up the little remaining pieces.

The nuclear nations of the world (US, Russia,  Britain, France, Israel, and India) have enough combined nuclear weapons to eradicate all of the areas where the cancer ISIS currently infects.

Yes, ISIS is precisely like a cancer.


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To the Editor,

Citizens to Save our Constitution is comprised of private citizens who are dedicated to saving our United States Constitution from the threat of being misguidedly altered or even replaced.  

Originally made up of citizens of Virginia, the group has grown to include others from across the country to California.  Funding has come from the budgets of working people and retirees.

Many well-meaning people have been sold on petitioning Congress to call a constitutional convention – also called a con-con, Article V Convention, Convention of States (COS) and Amending Convention.


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This morning I was sent an article by a well-meaning patriot, telling me that "200 retired generals and admirals oppose the Iran deal."  What followed was an article on how said admirals and generals were sending a strongly worded letter to Congress telling them how bad the Iran deal really is.

OK, so my reaction?  Hmmm...  Gee that's just wonderful!  

I was reminded of something Mark Steyn said as he was hosting the Rush Limbaugh show the other day, about RINO senators and congressmen standing there with a scowl and announcing they've opposed abortion for 30, 40, 50 years or more.  But guess what, we still have Roe v. Wade and taxpayer financed abortions.

It's not enough to stand hands on hips DECLARING your opposition to something, YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.  Bring about legislation, make a meaningful stand against the president, fight him for God's sake! 

Opposing the Iran deal sounds all cushy nice and mealy mouthed pap for the somnolent class, but I'll believe them when I actually see some action taken... you know, like a military coup, or some arrests being manifested for these traitors, Obama, Kerry, and the rest of them.

Until then, I can't be bothered by people who simply "oppose" this or that, or send around incessant petitions and ask me to "call my representative"...or something. 

Truth is, I HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVE anymore.  None of us do, they're all useless, self-serving, and corrupt.  There is only one thing now that can save the republic from the girly men that are in charge, and that's to TAKE AWAY their offices and replace them immediately with real men, real patriots, and sane people.

That applies to the Supreme Court as well, the entire system of checks and balances is broken except in this manner: They write the checks and we the people pay the balances. 

So do I care that 200 generals and admirals (retired by the way) oppose the Iran deal?  Well...it's a start, and what a lovely one it is too, my oh my, makes my heart just go pitty-pat.  

But really, call me when the real fight begins, that's when I will get involved.

Bill in Tennessee


Editor:  I have addressed the following letter to the Trump Campaign: 

"Trump is on my short list of candidates, and I've been pleased with the issues he has addressed. But Friday night, he slammed Jeb Bush for wanting to "Defund Women's Health" – the official diversionary war cry of Planned Parenthood. 

The whole nation knows the only defunding efforts are aimed at PP for its video admissions of illegal abortion procedures and fetal harvesting. 

To suggest this is targeting "women's health" when there are 9,000 govt-subsidized clinics offering complete health services for women and children (which PP does not) suggests he is in support of this corrupt and brutal organization, and would continue funding this corruption with half a billion a year or more of tax dollars that should go to those reputable full-service clinics.


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Despite the stunning revelations of technologies and recent events, I heard a liberal again yesterday trying to corner a presidential candidate about "choice". It stuns me. People have made those kinds of choices through history – to think of a person, a distinct individual, as less than a human being, or as private property with no rights who can suffer horrible treatment.

We dealt with it here in the 1860s, again in Europe in the 1940s. An effect of that choice in Germany was to use the victims in medical research. How do people not recognize a repeat of shockingly bad choices? But once again, in a short time, maybe 5 years or 10 years, all will look back and say "How could it happen again in civilized society?"

Because people turn a blind eye. They speak in society and courts using euphemisms like choice, reproductive health, and "part of a woman's body" as a semantic mask. And it takes the shock of something like using human specimens for research to wake them up to the horror. And yet some still sleep, with hearts slowed to a cold beat, and ask as if in some dream state, "Where do you stand on "choice"?

I would ask, "No, where do you stand on it?" 

Ira White - Portsmouth

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