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To the Editor, 

The U S Constitution is a contract signed by the states limiting the national government to a few and limited enumerated powers, which should be interpreted as to the original intent.  If you buy something and sign a contract as to the payments, you don’t expect the terms to be changed later on. So it is with our Constitution. 

But that has been greatly undermined by decisions of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Marshall made a ruling basically that the federal government can do anything the Constitution does not specifically bar it from doing. That would translate to it doesn’t say that the government can’t dictate where you live, therefore it can.  


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Retired Navy Commander and Beach resident Tom Holmes has sent a letter to the beach council urging approval of offshore drilling of Virginia’s coast.

Holmes, a native of  the oil patch in Mississippi, told council Virginia Beach’s economy needs the benefit the oil drilling economy would bring.

Do not allow Wilmington, Charleston, or Savannah to beat us to the punch. It is hoped that you, too, will realize the benefit of Virginia Beach becoming the focal point for this effort. I would appreciate a reply from you prior to the closed council meeting on August 18, in which your position on this issue is given.”  Read Holmes complete letter to the city council:



I have sent the following letter to my congressmen regarding the criminal activity of Planned Parenthood, and urge others to do the same. It is also interesting to note that all Republican congressmen list "Abortion" as a subject (required) when sending correspondence, but no Democrat does; they list only "Women's Issues" or "Reproductive Health". The smokescreen is conspicuous.

Dear Senator or Representative,


I have watched almost three hours of undercover interviews in their full context conducted with Dr. Deborah Nucatola and Dr. Mary Gatter, and it is clear by the admission of these two PPFA executives that at least two federal crimes were committed:

1. Prices were haggled by both for the sale of fetal specimens, and Dr. Gatter even indicated that she would research the highest values by other PP affiliates in order to maximize that price. It is clear that set or listed prices by a particular affiliate for collection, maintenance, delivery, etc. would not involve haggling or researching the "highest price" of other affiliates. Selling fetal specimens is a crime under federal law.


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In America one can rise above one's birth and circumstances, but you can't rise above your level of intelligence.  Kerry seems to have been born lucky, and married lucky, but beyond that seems to have not one single mitigating, socially redeemable trait.  The Moron Cycle of Life:

  1. Morons will be morons
  2. Morons don't KNOW they're morons.
  3. In fact, morons typically think they're BRILLIANT.
  4. Most do-gooders, big-government types, and authoritarians are morons.
  5. Morons breed with other morons and give birth to an inordinate number of little morons.
  6. ...who grow up to breed with other morons and give birth to...well, you know.
  7. Morons elect other morons to office with depressing regularity.
  8. Go back to number 1 and repeat.

This "Moron Cycle of Life" is killing America.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Bill Stanley



Attached is the second ad paid for personally by City Treasurer John Atkinson saying “No to Light Rail” that was in the Beacon on Sunday, July 19, 2015.  

It gives an update of the response that John has received and what he would like to do in the future to keep this issue alive and bring a referendum forward.

Please forward this on to friends and family to continue to voice your “No to Light Rail” and assist John in this effort.

I am going to continue to support John in this endeavor so that the city does not waste our current and future tax dollars.

Everyone working together will help to reach our goal.


Rick "RK" Kowalewitch

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