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What If …

What if Congress calls an Article V convention to amend our U. S. Constitution?

Since it is within Congress’s authority to decide how the delegates are chosen, what if they select themselves, like John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi, or as the Assembly of States advocates, a bipartisan group. 

What if they let the states chose the delegates, the number to be determined by the electoral college system giving California 55 delegates to Virginia’s 13.  And, who would be chosen from Virginia – Speaker Howell or Governor McAuliffe and whom they appoint, legislators who are just as guilty of overreach as those at the federal level?

What if the convention meets and delegates don’t like a proposal?  Then the chair says, all in favor say Aye, opposed NO, the Ayes have it.   Next. 

What if the convention changes the rules for ratification, and make the number of states needed to ratify only half of the states, or none?   

What if the convention gives us a constitution that gives us rights instead of protecting our God-given inherent rights?   Any government that gives rights can take them away. 

What if there is a good result from the convention?   Will legislators who fail to honor their oath of office mysteriously overnight choose to do so?

What if the convention becomes a runaway, where anything could result?  What then?

Sue Long - North, VA


Fellow citizens: 

I had a rare moment Wednesday afternoon: I sat down to listen to President Barry's press conference. For those who know me personally, you can stop the snickering. Yes, I really did take time to listen! In fact, I had just listened to McConnell's press conference and was pleasantly surprised at his performance. Barry, however, was another story. 

It may be just me, but I thought "The Dear Leader" was in a state of denial. He said he heard the people, but then tried to excuse his party's debacle by stating how many people chose not to vote, thus, deflecting the blame. Most importantly, he seemed to have forgotten what he said prior to the election: That the election was all about his policies. 

I think he has a serious problem. He actually believes what he'd been told: That he was supposed to be the messiah of American politics. He now seems utterly confused and irritated that instead he is the pariah of American politics. Perhaps this is why he came across as a man betrayed, rather than defeated. It was as if he had just realized that "community organizer" wasn't exactly good training ground to be President of the United States of America.


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Abraham Lincoln said you can fool some of the people all of the time. Indeed, two major hoaxes were born in modern America, and it is surprising how many have been fooled. Both portray something depraved as decency victimized. Both seek to shame people into submission with cries of injustice and intolerance. Yet both have been exposed as deception by science, medicine, sociology, and our own consciences.

Ironically, both are dependent upon an abusive slant on something sacred: being BORN...Homosexuals claim they are helpless victims of society because they are BORN that way, and abortion advocates depict women as victims of unwanted "parts" that are not BORN yet.

IN FACT, medical and scientific technology including ultrasound and videography have revealed the individual DNA, intricate development, heartbeat, brain functions, human responses, and even abortion pain reflexes of unborn children at the earliest stages. 

IN FACT, the latest genetics research reveals no "gay gene", and homosexuals are born no more blameless and without choice than those of other sexual impulses including incest and pedophilia. (www.councilforresponsiblegenetics.org/ViewPage.aspx?pageId=66)


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We all have our weaknesses or vices, but we aren't privileged to justify them. They are not our birthright. 

Though some are revealed impetuously, others result because we choose to act on them. Even Jesus' apostles made the distinction by reiterating those acts of choice: Matthew 15:19, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:10

The list is all conscious and consequential conduct. We may have innate temptations to some choices – even be prone to addictions or lusts that need help and support – but not a license to condone or endorse them. 

Don't be deceived by social activism and insensitivities, for we inherently know better. It is self-serving disinformation that is drowning out moral honesty.

And who needs to know this? YOUTH -- immature children and young people who are being wrongly confused about sexuality ... between what is conspicuously natural and what is being redefined as natural ... by media, education, and politics seeking to compel kids that LGBT is "who they are", rewriting morality within minors. 

Former-LGBT are dispelling the myths at:  pfox.org  &  ex-gaytruth.com

Ira White - Portsmouth



My two cents: The Virginian "Pile-it" has lost more subscribers and has just within the week, made more personnel cutbacks and wonders why. Maybe it's because of who they are endorsing as candidates in Virginia Beach's council races. Of course all their picks endorse Light Rail all the way, no matter what the costs.....to the paper's detriment and apparent demise, I'd say. How's that workin' out?

I liken the Light Rail referendum in 2012 to asking "Who wants ice cream?" The word reasonable was in the question but nowhere to be found in the pursuit of this project. The public voted on Who wants Light Rail without the actual costs in the referendum question. So it's like Who wants Ice Cream?.....oh, but after the fact we find out it is going to cost thousand$$$ a scoop....and you're going to get two scoops.


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