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It has been said that our Constitution is no longer appropriate for modern times.  

Indeed, President Obama stated “We can no longer rely on a rulebook made a few centuries ago.” The reasoning is that new times call for new rules. 
What are the proposed “new” rules? They are socialism, communism and the same old collectivist rationale that is as old as civilization itself.

In the history of the world our Constitution is a newly developed concept. There have been attempts of such in the past, but they have been short-lived and/or limited.


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Dear Editor --

Although an off year, this November’s election is crucial to our future as a viable nation.  

Democrat control of the senate for the past four years has enabled president Obama to do pretty much as he pleases, unchecked.  The president is at this point a lame duck, answerable to no one for his actions.

It is therefore critical to flip the senate and maintain Republican control of the House to block Obama’s continuing executive overreach and, more importantly, block his potential Supreme Court nominations.  

I will be the first to admit that today’s Republican Party is a bit far from what I, as a conservative, would like to see, and the Republicans running for the senate and the house are not necessarily my first choices. Click below to read rest of the letter


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Call me cynical, but my prediction – 

  1. 1.      Nov. 5, or shortly thereafter, SC Justice Ginzburg resigns, despiteprotestations to the contrary.
  2. 2.Shortly thereafter President Obama nominates Eric Holder to fill her vacancy.

3.Harry Reid rams through Senate approval before January.

Timing avoids a tidal wave of voter outrage on Nov. 4, possibly preventing loss of the Senate.  Fait accompli -- the perfect gift from Obama that keeps on giving.  Heaven help us.

Just a thought,

Ted Williams - Gloucester, VA



As a supporter of personal firearm ownership, both for personal protection and sporting, I must confess that I support the recent inclusion of a Lost and Stolen Firearm petition to the Virginia Beach’s recent legislative package.

First and foremost, I fail to recognize the infringement of personal liberty for failure to be responsible for a legally registered weapon that is in my name. 

Additionally, irrespective of my view of personal weapon registration, as a law-biding citizen, it is my individual responsibility to take charge, maintain, and control access to weapons under my oversight.

Rightly or wrongly, current weapon registration results in a location and ownership database. Failure to keep that index current minimize its purpose and render it inaccurate. Without timely reporting, potential notifications to bonafide weapon outlets are infringed. Also, the recovery of a misplaced, lost, or stolen weapon has the potential of being recovered in lieu of being misused in an unlawful act.

As a Libertarian, I firmly believe in the liberties afforded by the Constitution, and it is my personal responsibility to abide and protect those liberties.

Wally Erb - Virginia Beach


To the Editor, 

This is to register my disgust and outrage and your crude cartoon of a person receiving what appears to be a colonoscopy. 

Can't you find any better way to express yourself? 

Cicero said that "Vice necessarily follows public nudity." 

In "A Time for Truth," William Simon noted that the public expression of obscenity usually coincided with the suppression of important freedoms, such as freedom of association. 

This cartoon is a demonstration of that. 

Shame on you. 


Christine Ross

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