Let's Kill 2 Birds with One Stone.

Here's a way to create 50+ jobs INSTANTLY and perform a public service all in one fell swoop.

Begin erecting a 12 rope gibbets on the Capitol Lawn, in plain view of the 12 criminals on the "Super Committee". If we sell tickets we could probably up the employment to 100+ (ticket-takers, concessions, clean-up, etc). It's a pitiful gain in employment, but it will do more good than ANYTHING those 12 miscreants have done, or will do.




You have no right to complain about your loss of jobs, or income, or healthcare if you re-elect these politicians after this catastrophic failure. None of these vermin should be allowed to darken the doorways of Government again. EVER!


pitifully criminal congressional do-Nothing committee




Shame on them for this criminal non-performance … shame on you if you re-elect them!