A coalition of officials and groups opposed to a proposal by the Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority to confiscate property of Central Radio Co. on 39th Street through a rogue use of imminent domain to give to Old Dominion University will hold a protest rally Thursday @ 7 p.m.

Billed as “This land is my land rally and picnic” it features numerous property rights advocates, public, lawyers, and groups, at 1083 W. 39th Street in Norfolk with parking on 38th St. and Killam Ave.

Attendees are invited to bring chairs, blankets, and picnics.

Central Radio has successfully operated at the site for 78 years.  In  protesting the  confiscation, Central Radio  has abusively attacked by the city of Norfolk for exercising their free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution.  Central Radfio was forced  by Norfolk officials to remove protest signs they’d erected on their building.

With support from state and national groups, including the DC-based Institute of Justice, Bob Wilson, the owner, is set to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Virginia Beach GOP isn't supporting Property Rights/Free Speech Rally

There will be support and representatives from numerous political groups and politicians with the exception of the Virginia Beach Republican Parties.

A rally spokesperson said it is unconscionable that the GOP would refuse to support property rights and free speech.  Party Chair Ken Longo said he couldn’t attend and didn’t send a letter of support as other individual Republican politicians have done.  Longo did tell VNS that his party passed a resolution supporting the constitutional amendment which will be on the ballot in November restricting the use of eminment domain to take private property.

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