A candidate for City Council yesterday released a lengthy endorsement piece that was supposedly approved by Governor McDonnell. In reality, it was never approved by the Governor. A statement released today from the Governor’s office is below. What I appreciate is the last line in support of the present Council.

"This statement did not go through the proper internal authorization process within our political operation, and should not have been approved for use. The Governor never saw this quote, and it does not reflect his sentiments about the positive work being done by the members of the Virginia Beach City Council."

Mr. Davis has since claimed he knew there had been a mistake within the Governor’s office and that Mr. Smith had indeed been endorsed by the Governor. Notice, however, the absence of such a statement in his posting. A half-truth at best, and one certainly not intended to do Mr. Smith any favors. When pressed later in the evening about his Facebook posting, the statement attributed to the Governor’s office suddenly disappeared from his Facebook page. Interesting.

What Mr. Davis hoped to achieve is known only to him. I have my own descriptions of his action, however – rude, unethical, tactless, and just plain cowardly. If he knew there had been a disconnection within the Governor’s staff, he should have stated as much.

If he didn’t know at the time of the posting, then his action was a deliberate attempt to malign Mr. Smith’s reputation. Either way, Mr. Davis demonstrated an appalling lack of ethics by attacking Mr. Smith in such a manner. Yet, he wants to be re-elected to his Council seat. By the way, Chuck Smith isn’t even Davis’ opponent.

I, for one, will not vote for someone who so brazenly attempts to impugn the reputation of another candidate, particularly someone who is a veteran and fellow Republican. We need people of honor who will uphold the integrity of their office. We do not need someone who would make such a calculated, callous move.

It is time to clean house at City Hall. Hopefully, the citizens of Virginia Beach will show Glenn Davis the door this November. Our community will be much better off without the likes of him.