This year’s municipal race has developed a most interesting dynamic. Mayor Will Sessoms, Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson, and Councilman Glenn Davis all claim to be Republicans. Yet, their voting records a far more akin to those of tax & spend liberal Democrats.

Of course, Mayor Sessoms has had no problem supporting liberal Democrats in the past. For example, he was quite public in his support of Senator Mark Warner (and President Obama) four years ago.

The latest slap in the face of conservative values by this triumvirate of liberal agenda was the recent vote for the building of a fifth tower at Town Center. These three chose to support more corporate welfare, even after each had received campaign contributions from the very same company to which the project was awarded.

It is appalling enough that this threesome chose not to recuse themselves from the vote. What this writer finds even more appalling is the fact that all three have been embraced by the Republican Party of Virginia Beach (RPVB) and endorsed by Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.

By taking this action, RPVB and the Governor betrayed the trust of Beach conservatives, as well as the party’s Creed. Rallying around candidates who vote like and associate with Democrats weakens RPVB’s claims of being an advocate of true conservative values.

Some serious leadership changes are needed within RPVB, as well as at City Hall. The citizens can take care of the latter on November 6. The question remains whether the RPVB has the stomach to address its problem?

Tom Martin – Virginia Beach