Never in the history of the world has such a secretive leader, with such a questionable and destructive attitude toward this nation, been elected to such a high office. He is a mullato allowed by the mainstream media (MSM) to conceal his ghostly past from the people he was elected to rule.

A totally impotent Congress - one of our chief 3-wheels of government - has failed its duty to the citizens to hold the man accountable for  unlawful and constitutional abuses.

And never in memory has such a coddling, incompetent, loving MSM ignored all the signs of a great story in exposing the man’s drug, gay, and communist past.

A conspiracy?  No.  The media is too stupid to do anything more than play follow the leader with few exceptions. That has caused them to loose public respect by abdicating it’s constitutional right to be the 4th estate - the element of society that holds all government accountable.

Obama is a liar on almost all counts during his last campaign through his term of office.

He’s the son of a whore.  He was raised by a communist druggie and pornographer who shot pornographic movies of his mommy.

His early life was engrossed in anti-American activity.  He was secretly tutored and promoted by Communists and the Kennedy clan through his political career.  His chief talent was as a ghetto community organizer fighting against American values.

He’s hidden his birth record.  His concealed his scholastic records.  He has kept his past secret.  But to his credit, the MSM did not engage in ANY investigative efforts to expose his past or hold him as accountable as they have the GOP vice presidential candidate.

He has used executive privilege to circumvent the laws of the United States and pervert the Constitution without being held accountable by the Congress or the media:

Recent examples:

  • The murder of Americans in the Bengahzi Embassy by terrorists
  • Support of the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Allowing terrorist sympathizers to hold positions in our White House
  • And most grievous of all:  Being an accessory to murder of Border Agt. Brian Terry with guns he allowed to be placed in the hands of Mexican drug thugs by U.S. officials
  • Second most grievous of all is Obama's  murder of more than 6,600 of America’s young men and women under the guise of fighting a war in Afghanistan

The disruption of natural energy resources − gas and oil - without a national energy policy through a conspiracy by government bureaucrats and the Environmental Protection Agency has left this nation at the mercy of global tyrants.

This is just a brief list the criminal activity or inactivity committed by Obama.  The problem is the mainstream media has failed daily to report on the real issues, choosing instead to chronicle the most positive aspects of Obama’s ‘great accomplishments.’  It’s like the MSMedia has had Commie brain transplants aimed at distorting and faking the truth about the sad history of Obama.

He’s nothing more than a slick, black man of secretive background, character, and competence who was helped to rise to national political prominence, not by accomplishments, but by mentors of equally questionable  backgrounds and character by a campaign of shouting slogans at dumb people rather than articulating policies.

Before he destroys our federal republic, he needs to get booted out of the political system, charged with past crimes, indicted for treason, and duly punished.

Vote Romney on Tuesday.