by John P. Kuchta, Jr.
VNS Columnist

Some say that the new head of the CIA, Michael Morrell, looks creepy. He should look creepy because his number two job right now is pulling the strings that will bring down anyone in the chain of command involving the Benghazi treason on the night of 9/11/12.

His task is to ensure that the outrage felt by the professional intelligence community finds an outlet.

He’s a professional’s professional and is leading the team that will purge government of all the traitors responsible for those four men losing their lives.

Look for an avalanche of resignations from all branches of government at the end of this year. Lucky will be the ones who get to resign and head to the farm.

Up to 9/11/12, the folks at the CIA had been bystanders, watching the acts of treason from the sidelines.  The deaths of two of their own and two others, including a US Ambassador, put them in the game; and, the consequences for those in the chain-of-command will be life changing.  

Just ask General Petraeus.

Naturally, the piece de resistance will be the Sewer Rat-in-Chief.  

Look for incontrovertible proof to surface about his guy-on-guy times, his dealings with Chicago mobsters and those college records declaring his Indonesian citizenship.

The professionals can make all that happen rather easily. Up to now, they were bystanders, observing the treason. Benghazi put them in the game and the consequences for those involved will be life changing.  

The super smart boys and girls within the CIA know that four more years of tyrannical EPA rulings, unbridled spending leading to a $20 trillion debt and still more treasonous acts at home and abroad, will leave them (and many others) without a paymaster.

Who will the spooks spook when the crushing US debt causes the dollar to crash?

It’s also a great time to quote the American Revolution’s sage, Thomas Jefferson, when he proclaimed: “From time-to-time, the tree of liberty must be nourished by the blood of tyrants and patriots.”  

The most powerful individuals within the intelligence community can make that quote come to pass without many of the great unwashed even realizing that it’s happening.  But, happen it will.

America’s reputation will have been stained by the Chicago filth; but, the four men lost in Benghazi will be vindicated.