by Irene - VNS Blogger
Dispatch from the War Zone in Israel

[This is another of continuing reports we’re lucky to receive from someone in the Israeli fighting zone.  Irene is a keen observer and we hope she’ll be able to continue her reports.]

The shooting from Gaza continued all day, although we stopped responding whilst Egyptian President Morsy was visiting there.

I don't see any good outcome from his visit, because on his return to Cairo he gave an anti-Israel speech, saying how hard it is for the people of Gaza, blames Israel for their suffering and our reprisal attacks, and how Egypt wants to help them.

Of course, no mention of the barrage of rockets being fired by Hamas  (today one landed in Tel Aviv again, they've been smuggling in long-range rockets from Iran).

Morsy also added that the present government was unlike the former one led by Mubarak and there was no longer the same relationship. That we already know. The Muslim Brotherhood can hardly be considered  to be "friends" with us.

I already mentioned that we had a defensive weapon which is called"Iron Dome" and is designed to intercept incoming missiles as a means of defense.

So far it has prevented many disasters. What is strange is that one TV channel in the USA has shown a short video of the Iron Dome in action, but the caption under it reads: "The Israeli military launched a missile from the Iron Dome missile system into the Gaza Strip."

That of course is a lie,(could it be a mistake??) there is no way that a missile could be fired downwards by this tool. Unfortunately much reporting is untrue, especially by Arab and other unfriendly countries.

That's all for now.