As if election corruption wasn't enough to signal a "democratic dictatorship", Obama has promised to use Executive Orders, or royal decrees, to make sure his agenda is fulfilled.

These circumvent Congress as well as congressional bills already enacted. Through this power, he has already created a body of appointed governors to integrate state and federal military activities, and has given Homeland Security more control of local law enforcement agencies.

These moves remind us that Obama declared in 2008 that we need a national civilian law enforcement agency. Is a national police force in the making to protect his reign?

Finally, the Affordable Healthcare Act passed solely by Democrats firmly puts him in control of our very health, and allows for a progressive deluge of known and unknown afflictions of taxes and regulations on our lives.

We now see governors rejecting adherence to Obamacare demands, and even citizens groups in a multitude of states starting symbolic petitions for secession from the federal government.

So how do we fight a dictator in America?

At the moment, we can only hope and pray the Republican-controlled House will diligently labor to reveal the corruption, withhold funds they command for Obama's maligned bills and decrees, and do a better job of unapologetically informing American citizens of everything – I mean EVERYTHING – that is transpiring in our government.

Write your congressional representatives and let them know we are in this fight for the long haul.