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[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Another in a continues series of reports from Israel during the cross border fighting by a resident of Israel writing exclusively for VNS.]

The cease fire began at 9.00 o'clock yesterday evening, and I hope it lasts, and this will be the last page of my "war diary".

Although Israel stopped all shooting at that hour, the Hammas from Gaza continued firing missiles for another two hours, over 17 sirens went off in the surrounding areas.

There were great celebrations in the the streets of Gaza in the evening, because they had been told by their leaders that all their demands had been met.

They boasted of having achieved all, although Israeli officials say that so far nothing permanent has  been signed  ’til it is certain the truce holds.  At the moment all is quiet on the front.

Some of the victims of the bus explosion in Tel Aviv yesterday are still hospitalized. The explosives had contained a great number of nails to make the injuries worse. Our security people are still looking for the perpetrator (or perpetrators).

If all stays quiet, the many people who had been invited to stay with families further north, invited even by Druze villages, will be able to return home, although those who had their homes destroyed by the Gazan rockets will have to stay at alternative accommodations.

Today still no school - but if there is no more shooting I expect that tomorrow it will return to normal.

Tomorrow the news items will probably return to what is happening in Syria. So much killing by Assad's men.
cares about that?