111412_voteAmericanWe have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.  Nothing more important than the re-election of President Obama.

Obama is a master politician:  He was elected twice by fooling the people both times into believing that as a Muslim that he is qualified to be in charge of the world’s largest, now fragile, economy.  

He’s a man of secrecy.  No record of his birth.  No record of his early life other than he lived with and was mentored by a Hawaiian man whom he resembles more than he does the man he claims as his father - a coal, black African. The Hawaiian man was a communist, drug user and peddler, and a pornographer who took porno pictures of Obama’s white, Kansas-raised momma.  She was also a whore.

No school records.  No proof he is even an American citizen.  Could George Bush or Ronald Reagan gotten away with this?

Obama had no experience at anything except working as a community organizer in ghettos, certainly no experience to put him in charge of the globe’s biggest, most sophisticated military machine, the biggest global economy, the most vast energy resources known in the world (which he is squandering in order to send U.S. dollars to radical Islamic terrorist to buy fuel for America).

He isn’t politically astute, but just the lame, phrase-spewing figurehead of powerful white men wishing to overthrow America’s form of government.  His entire policy is delivered in cliches he shouts out in mind-numbing rhetoric to America’s ignorant.

He’s smart in other ways.  He knows that giving NBC’s White House lapdog, one-sided, Obama ass-kissing, Chuck Todd and the similar ilk of pseudo journalists in the mainstream’s other TV channel media, ACCESS to toss him softball questions and behind the scenes connections, they never report anything he doesn’t wanted posted to the American people.

Never have so many been so fooled by so few as the nation’s ignorant, uneducated, alienated population pockets that helped him steal Nov. 6’s election.

So yes, we have a lot to be thankful for.  No other nation in the world would tolerate such a phony leader as we Americans do to prove we aren’t prejudice against blacks, that we are diverse, and that this man is entitled to the position, like all the others he supports for in-government jobs.  We can be thankful for that.

We could be even more thankful, it the limp-wrested  Congress would step up to the bat, investigate Obama’s many lies, faults, and actions (giving guns to Mexico’s most ruthless criminal faction), and impeach him.  Then kick him out of office and start again with someone  who worships the values and rules contained in our Constitution, free and un-beholden to anyone one else except the American people.

Otherwise our thankfulness will be in vain.  With his behind the scene string pullers, Obama is the most dangerous man, not just in the U.S., but in the world.  His knowledge and actions in foreign policy (kill Americans first) is almost as extensive as his knowledge and ability in global economics.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!