People are more ignorant than they are stupid, but we often craft our messages as if they are stupid. Case in point: One of my recent commentaries you published was re-titled "Impeach Obama: Liar-in-Chief". That was not the subject of the article. It was not on point. It used terms that have become overused and trivialized.

The actual content of the piece would allow people to clearly determine for themselves that Obama was a liar. It would be up to their representatives through their people's voice to consider and pursue impeachment. To be honest, those words could serve no purpose other than to brand VNS as a radical resource more geared to rhetoric than revelation.

You know best how to run VNS. But I would encourage you to stay on point, make sure it is accurate to a fault, be articulate and above the fray, avoid rhetoric for inflammatory purposes alone, and frame it all in a manner that allows the individual to clearly see and discern for themselves the truth of the matter.

That will not only inform them, it will empower them. They won't feel like angry sheep being led to an agenda, but rather educated wolves invested in it. More than ever, we need an intelligent and free thinking electorate like that.

Just my two cents.