Soon the thousands of volunteers needed for successful campaigns are neglected, handled if at all, by less qualified junior staffers---and so he loses more and more elections. So he decides to become a K Street lobbyist instead.

To which I add: Maybe he gets a slot on Fox News! Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign was an exception. Mr. Reagan was the last Great Communicator.

With something good to say he inspired millions and so did not need to buy as much TV. Today's phony Republican conservatives, having sold out to Big Government, abandoning the Constitution and what Gov. Bob McDonnell calls “divisive social issues” have so little to say to a tired and frustrated electorate they keep losing.

In their ignorance when, say, birth control, is brought up they are inarticulate. Returning 100 percent to the Constitution, replacing both Welfare and Police States by restoring marriage and the family as the bedrock of a moral limited government society are out of the question!

In 2012 Ron Paul came the closest to joining Mr. Reagan as an exception---so he and his volunteers had to be trashed by the republican establishment's doing the dirty work of the liberal democrats.

We are indeed sunk! Too late for us old people, we must teach our youth to defeat this “Death Star” establishment with all their might---and most of all in charity, and faith in Something Higher!