The city wants the state to ante up $165 to $180 MILLION of the projected costs.  State Sen. Steve Martin who attended Saturday's meeting said, "That's ain't gonna happen," citing higher priority  needs such as transportation and education.  "I can just tell you, they won't get any money out of the General Assembly."

As for the other issue, similarily a tax and subsidy millstones around the necks of beach taxpayers:  There is no forseeable money available from the state or federal government. Transportation monies will be targeted for public transportation by NoVA governments and there will be no federal monies for a illusionary plan by a little "beer and pretzel" town - downgraded from 20 years ago as a as a "hamburger and beer" town - like Virginia Beach.

This leaves citizens to wonder if someone didn't throw Clorex in the DNA gray matter pool of Virginia Beach leaders.

Sources in DC say there is no money and there will be no money available.  This leaves Mayor Sessoms in his bootlikkers forced to make citizens pay for turning Virginia Breach into a beach predominately visited by local blacks and petty crooks - there we said it.  What are you going to do about it?  Think about it:  Who is the hell is going to ride light rail to the oceanfront except those who have to ride on a subdized ticket.  My wife, children, grandchildren would never ride the damn thing to Norfolk.