Bob McDonnell

Like the ole country song, “...the girls all get prettier at closing time,...” it seems that GOP politicians all get dumber at election time.

As the liberal establishment get their panties in a bunch over GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell’s current predicament involving an old thesis he wrote in the 1980s espousing strong conservative values,  the candidate has spent 2 days tripping over his own shoe strings working on damage control.

Bob has not been noted for his street smarts or political intellect.

He violated Moe Rowe’s  No. 1 campaign axiom:  Don’t shoot yourself  in the foot or  give the loaded gun to the other side...Answer the question and SHUT UP! ...


...Had Bob McDonnell been under my tutelage, he would never have given the Washington Post information in the interview that would send reporters digging through his old college records.  The existence of the document wasn’t known until Big-Mouth Bob mentioned it.  Read the Editor's Desk Blog.