Patriotically motivated citizens in California, knowing about this situation, drew up Proposition 37 and secured 971,000 signed petitions to place the question on the ballot to inform citizens if a particular product is genetically modified.

Yet rich agribusiness corporations benefiting from genetic modification spent almost 8 times as much in advertising as these citizens could contribute out of their own pockets, and Proposition 37 was defeated.  

In other words, the electorate said, "We don't want to know whether the food we eat is genetically modified" !

This lack of information on the part of the majority of voters is what has enabled the Department of Homeland Security to place into effect regulations never enacted by Congress that clearly violate the U. S. Constitution and the Fourth Amendment.

As we have told you many times, the Department of Homeland Security has been working for many months to make the sheriff of Nelson County comply with their unlawful regulations intruding excessively into the private affairs of Nelson citizens.  

But if your Board passed a resolution demanding that this official snooping be stopped, your resolution would certainly be widely publicized by local media, and very likely by state and national media also.  And then there would be a national issue putting pressure on the Obama administration as a whole, and also on Congress.  And there is a very good chance the Washington administration would be forced to make at least some concessions.

As we have told you repeatedly, when the Nelson County Circuit Court or District Court are in session, the sheriff is responsible for courthouse security.  

But at all other times, as has been the case for over 200 years, your Board has SOLE responsibility for courthouse security, and it is contrary to your budget and to Fourth Amendment protection of your constituents to have sheriff deputies at the courthouse entrance to unlawfully inspect personal papers and belongings of your constituents entering the courthouse to pay taxes, visit school board offices or visit the Circuit Court's book and computer record room.  

None of these individuals is a terrorist unknown to the FBI or state police, especially the most widely recognized NON-TERRORIST in Nelson County, I, Kenneth White, trying to help protect all you Board members from genuine terrorism by highly organized criminals of both political parties who have unlawfully grabbed control of the highest levels of government for total tyrannical dictatorship of all your actions, and even your thoughts !

So again, the Virginia Taxpayers Association, giving your Board much extremely significant information which you previously did not have, DEMANDS that you withdraw and repeal the unlawful decision to place a walk-through metal detector at the main entrance to the courthouse, and provide that metal detectors shall be used only at entrances to Circuit and District Courts when the courts are actually in session, to properly protect judges of these courts.  

This will mitigate the unlawful violation of the oaths of office of four of you Board members, certified in the Kenneth White Affidavit recorded in the Nelson County Circuit Court Clerk's deed book and computer room.

That concludes my Statement.