SecState Clinton suffered stroke?

December 30, 2012 - - VNS REPORT ON HILLARY CLINTON STROKE GAINING VALIDITY: Where is she? Hasn’t been seen in public since claiming ‘concussion’ in mid-December More

It was reported Sunday night that Clinton has been admitted to a hospital for a 'blood clot' on the brain purportedly from the 'concussion' she suffered from an earlier fall.

breakingnewsredBREAKING NEWS: The AP and other news sources Sunday night have reported that SecState Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized with a blood clot.

Doctors said the clot is related to a reported concussion she’d suffered back in mid-December after a fall.

Virginia News Source, however, noting she had not been heard from or seen since, got a report last week that she had suffered a stroke rather than, or in addition to, the concussion.

VNS got the report from a party at the Chevy Chase Country Club, but so far no confirmation or denial could be gotten.

Some bloated bombastic bureaucrats and hangers-on had been saying that the report was nothing short of an attack by the GOP in prepartion to trash her in 2016.

No specific status of Clinton’s condition could be determined Sunday night

DECEMBER 24, 2012 - - Keep tuned to the news. Unconfirmed reports circulating among the Washington cocktail parties this past weekend say that SecState Hillary Clinton has suffered a stroke, not a concussion as the media has been told. Sources tell VNS that it isn't likely she'll be able to return to work before she leaves he term in Janaury.

Probably not. It could just be a cocktail party prattle about the DailyRash spoof (see below) about a Clinton U.N. spoof

On December 17, it was reported she suffered a stomach virus, was dehydrated from her long overseas trips, and passed out, hitting her head causing injuries later reported to be a concussion. She was being attended to and resting at home, state spokepersons said.

It was alleged she 'tumped up' the illeness to dodge testifying before the Congressional committee studying her and the President's lies about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Benghazi compound where 4 Americans, including the ambassador were killed.

The DailyRash published a hilarious spoof entitled: "Hillary Clinton Does Hilarious Stroke Victim Impersonation at U.N."

All the President's men and women blamed a YouTube video on the Internet for 2 weeks. But within hours of the attack, the CIA and other agencies provided proof of an attack by terrorists, unreleated to the Internet.

Clinton provided information her U.N. Ambassador used to lie to the media and American people. Clinton has accepted blame, but not made herself available for questioning by the media or Congress.

Obama has already nominated MA Sen. John Kerry to succeed Clinton. The White House, State, and Kerry have evoked an extraordinary policy of silence.