December 31, 2012


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President Obama, whose daughters go to a school protected by 11-armed guards, wants to put full weight of office behind confiscating our guns to prevent  ‘gun violence’ More

England Warns America: Don't Let Them Take Your Guns England grabbed its citizens guns in 1997. Crime skyrocketed as the law-abiding were disarmed. The English citizens have a message for Americans More

NRA More Popular Than Its Condemning Media, Gallup poll reveals: 60% of those polled do not trust the main-stream media More

Hey, Left-Wingers! Here's an example of a need for "assault rifles" More

74 YO Portland, Maine man whacks 2 tenants in his apartment building, possibly over disputed parking area during snowstorm More

Well within its rights: NY newspaper will continue publishing names and addresses of gun owners: Bet the crooks will stay away More

No guns used in this killing: 5 dead, more than 20 injured in icy Oregon bus crash. Ban the buses on ice More

Chicago killers don’t play by Obama or mayor’s rules: Man who’d survived a previous shooting, failed the 2nd time around. He became Chicago’s 500th murder this year More

Violence, Gangs Scar Chicago Community in 2012: Things are so bad that that even Obama sites Chicago, governed by his own Democrat stooge, Rahm Emanuel, in a city with some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the country, as a disaster More

Go Ahead Make Our DAY! Mental defect Piers Morgan in trouble over one-sided attack on a pro-gunner, says he may leave the U.S. on his own - won’t have to deport me - ‘if America doesn’t change its crazy gun laws.’ Go Ahead, Make Our Day! Piers. More

The Theater Shooting The Main Stream Media Didn’t Focus On & Why More

Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry: It's not really about the guns; it is about the government's ability to demand submission of the people. Gun control is part and parcel of the ongoing collectivist effort to eviscerate individual sovereignty and replace it with dependence upon and allegiance to the state - COMMENTARY More

Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts as era of revisionist history arrives in the U.S. More