JANUARY 2, 2013

Abbreviated coverage for holiday:  Normal publication resumes Thursday

BREAKING NEWS!   With Majority Of House Republicans Voting "NO," House Passes "Fiscal Cliff" Deal; "Done Deal" Increases Spending $332B, Hikes Taxes; Postpones but does not resolve Sequestration which preciitated the whole "fiscal cliff" mess in the first place - But it continues such give aways as the Earned Income Tax Credit which pays out $134 Billion in "refundable" tax credits to low-income people who did not, in the first place, pay the "tax" they are being refunded by the federal government More

What They're Not Telling You: Deal Increases Taxes On 77% of U.S. Households (Story addresses Senate bill, but the House did not change it before they swallowed it whole) More

Loopholes Survive "Done Deal" To The Tune of $1 TRILLION More

10 of VA’s 11 members of Congress voted against ‘cliff’ deal More

Not All Bad - "Done Deal" Repeals Part of ObamaCare: But Obama will tell you he didn't like that part anyway More

In typical Muslim terrorist fashion; French-based Muslims burn almost 1,200 cars to celebrate ‘New Year’ More

Obama’s special MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE tax evaders of the year More

Arlington Co. leaders press approval of quarter BILLION$$$ streetcar deal without public involvement More

Former GOP director to head up Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign More

Ain’t possible: We can’t have low taxes and big government - Veronique de Rugy More

Arlington has excess of $18 BILLION to waste on ‘pork’ projects More