Liberal, bleeding heart Americans sit on their hands and pay taxes to kill hundreds of thousands of babies, but scream gun control for  CT massacre of 20 kids!  CT murders could have been prevented, babies have no savior!


No guns in this murder

I own a couple weapons, but I can’t qualify as a gun nut!  I can qualify as a Constitution Loving Nut!

John Kuchta (see elsewhere on this page) is right about government financing abortions - killing over 350,000 unborn babies last year with my tax dollars - and yet using the deaths of 20 ‘little martyrs’ in Connecticut for their own political goals to attack the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

He’s trapped our Wussies in Congress.  If they stand up and rebel as they should against such abuse of power, he’ll label them as contributors to the crime.  Some president, huh?  Smart as the Congress critters are stupid.

Could you have imagined this in the post revolution days when patriots staffed the legislative branch?  Not me!  They’d have had Obama tarred and feathed and run out of town, if not hanging from the highest tree for treason and other high crimes against the state.

Look at how many more President Obama has aided and abetted in killing in Afghanistan - murdering our young men for no cause that serves America.

And what about the hypocrisy of criminally violating the law by ‘giving’ guns illegally to Mexican murderous drug gangs who used them to slaughter unknown hundreds of their fellow citizens and even an American border agent.

Then Obama and his people tried to cover it up the gun running with bald-faced lies and stone-walling our weasley Congress critters who didn’t have the balls to take him and his fellow criminals down.

And finally there is Benghazi, a deliberately criminal act by Obama and his minions trying to cover up how the administration aided and abetted, in security mismanagement, that led directly to the deaths of 4 heroic Americans in the undefended consulate.

‘Splain it to me brother!