After 5 years of failures at getting major sports teams for Beach, Mayor Sessoms Seeks World Curling Federation team

Virginbia News Source has learned from a member of the World Curling Federation, who must remain anonymous because he is not authorized to comment on national policy, that Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, has been approached by the National Curling Association to build a facility to host a national curling team.

Curling, which originated in Scotland in the 1800's along with golf is now considered one of the fastest growing ice sports in the United States. This fast action Olympic ice sport is predicted to surpass hockey in the next decade as an ice spectator sport with its ever increasing following of enthusiasts.

It is a game in which a smooth, ball-looking device (slicker than the mayor's head), called a stone,  is thrown forward toward a target while a 'sweeper' uses a broom to lay out a clear path.  Sessoms said, "No comment," when asked about the curling team, but a source close to him said the game fascinated him because having someone clear the way like the "sweeper' does for the stone is his philosophy for raiding the public treasury for his business developer buddies.

Councilman John Urine wanted to know if there were video rights available?  "Do they have cheerleaders?  How are they dressed?"  he asked.

According to Mayor Sessoms there would need to be only a few modifications to the already planned sports arena, costing the taxpayers of Virginia Beach less than an additional  $15 million dollars.

He has assured city council that this amount would be repaid with interest from ticket sales over the next 37 years, prompting Councilman DeSteph to quip, "Sounds like he's off his rock(er) again."

He also said that a few modifications to the surface transportation system would also be needed, such as an additional exit from the Laskin Road Round About south to the new parking facility to be built on his cousin's land on Virginia Beach Boulevard and improvements to 17th Street to facilitate easy access and exit.

According to the city’s resort commission this will definitely enhance Virginia Beach's tourism industry placing in among the top destinations for a winter sport and increasing the number of room rentals during the winter months.