Curling Stone

PERTH, Scotland (January 14, 2013) - - Virginia News Source confirmed Monday that the World Curling Federation, formerly the International Curling Federation until 1991, is based in Perth, Scotland.

VNS was unable, however. to get WCF president Kate Caithness to confirm or deny reports that her organization has been approached by Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms to locate a league team in the resort city.VNS received a report over the weekend that there had been contact between Sessoms and the WCF.  "It is not our policy to be loose-lipped about the WCF's future," a source reported.



Sessoms, likewise, refused to comment, but usually credible sources said that after 5 major failures to get a major sports team to locate in Virginia Beach, Sessoms office did send an inquiry to the WFC to negotiate locating a league team in the U.S. coastal city.
That prompted one pundit to quip: “Next will you know the mayor will be trying to get the English Tiddlywinks Association (ETwA) and the North American Tiddlywinks Association (NATwA) to give his businessmanly image a boost for the benefit of his developer-political contributor buddies by holding championships in Virginia Beach.

The WCF was reportedly offered a berth in the future Virginia Beach Sports Arena, a city spokesman said. A spokesperson for the WCF said it would only cost (an additional) about $15 MILLION to add curling lanes and equipment to the planned arena.

Plans  to try to locate a NBA franchise in Virginia Beach with construction of a huge new sports  arena flopped earlier this month when Sessoms was unable to strong-arm the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise into moving to Virginia Beach with over $350 MILLION in TAX enticements.

Curling, a sport played on ice with a smooth-granite ball, slick as Sessoms’ head, uses a ‘sweeper’ to clear the path for the “stone,” as it is formally known, toward a target down a lane of ice.

There are men’s, women’s and mixed championships accredited by the WCF and curling is considered one of the world’s fasted growing ice sports. There are 50 member associations around the globe. So it is natural that Sessoms would like to get in on the action.

The WCF mission is to represent curling internationally and facilitate its growth throughout the world.

Sessoms is playing this exploratory query close to his chest, but Councilman Urine has already been clued in and is investigating the video rights and urging there be requirements for cheerleaders.

Unlike his attack on the Sacramento franchise where he issued a drop dead deadline, Sessoms is continuing to leave the timeline on the WCF opened ended for the time being.