OK.  It was a spoof.  The stores about the International Curling Federation’s interest in Virginia Beach.  We are sorry some people actually wrote believing the put on.  "It really wasn't that far-fetched after everything else the mayor has done," wrote one.

The spoof was written by a staffer to poke fun at Mayor’s Sessoms’ chronic optimism that he has the ability and the city has the value to land a major league anything - except maybe curling.

You have to give it to the mayor.  He doesn’t give up.  His basic problem is he is the poster boy for instilling mistrust in government - since ultimately, every thing he ‘flies’ is aimed at benefiting his friends, developers, or customers of Towne Bank.

He brings distrust, suspicion, and shame on rest of the council with his ‘knuckle dragging’ ideas.  Early on the public sees the fallacy of Sessoms’ proposals, but it seems he never does until he gets a publicly embarrassing total rejection.  And Councilman John Uhrin will go along with Sessoms for anything, as long as he can take videos.

Watching Sessoms and fellow knuckle draggers is like watching Animal Planet and Candid Camera.  Smile!  It’s all a joke!