Finally I found a great supplier, Marlton Coffee in Marlton, NJ.  The company was perfect to deal with quickly shipped my roaster with 4 samples of green coffee beans.  I recorded them in a data base and started roasting.

Finished beans

I gave them a 1-5 star rating for taste, smoothness, flavor (I no coffee connoisseur, but I know good coffee when I taste it and I like what I like).  The first I roasted sent our taste buds aflame:  It was Marlton’s Organic Colombian Valle De Cauca RFA  ($6.49/lb) - - 5-STAR flavor.  (You can seldom go wrong with a Colombian, Costa Rican, or Panamanian bean).

The others were:  Organic Bali Blue Moon  ($7.15/lb) - - 5-STAR - mildness and flavor;  Indian MonsoonMalabar AA  - -  −1 - undrinkable at any price; and Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada RFA  ($7.09/lb) - - 5-Star.

My neighbor and I swap a roaster of beans each time we order now which gives us the ability to have a wider range or samples to taste.  He buys primarily from Sweet Marias out in Oakland and I’m hooked on Marlton because of the quality and service.

You will be amazed at the taste and quality of personally roasted beans.  I have to make myself stop after 4 cups each morning.