S_Stimpson-6VIRGINIA BEACH - - Susan Stimpson, one of only two female candidates in the race for lieutenant governor laid out for the Tidewater Libertarian Party’s (TLP)  monthly breakfast meeting what she said are is her solidly conservative committment toward government which she said none of the other candidates can match.

Married with two children, Stimpson is chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors where she said she honed her conservative, limited government and management skills

She says she is ‘100% pro-life’ … and … ‘100% defender of gun rights…’.

Asked if there are any anti-gun policies, proposals, or actions, including allowing concealed carry on campus by lawfully licensed citizens and arming of qualified school employees in schools, she would support, she said, "absolutely not."

Stimpson said she is a Republican and she did not vote for Ron Paul.  She supported Mitt Romney because he was a Repulican, she said.  She has a BA from University of Mary Washington and a Master of Public Administration from the University of West Florida.

The lieutenant governor  presides over the state senate and is the decision maker in the case of tie votes.  The election is set for Nov. 2013.

Stimpson’s opponents include Jeannemarie D. Davis, Earl W. Jackson, Scott Lingamfelter, Sen. Steve Martin, Pete Snyder and Corey A. Stewart for the GOP nomination.

So far Stimpson has raised $98,000, Davis, $195,000, Jackson $26,500, Lingamfelter, $374,500, Martin, $297,800, Snyder, $455,800, and Stewart, $854,600.