ireneIt was the most hurtful cut of all:  The British newspaper The Sunday Times published a virulently anti-Israel anti-Israel cartoon, showing Prime Minister Netanyahu with blood covered hands, building a wall with the blood and bodies of Palestinians.  This on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The caption read:   “Israeli elections – will cementing peace continue?"

Then and aide to Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Morsi chimed in that the Holocaust was a myth, faked by American intelligence forces and that the ‘dead’ Jews were simply moved to the U.S.

Our Middle East blogger, Irene, writes in her column this week:  “So how come that I am the only survivor of my family? Both my parents, brother, sister, uncles, aunts and cousins were brutally murdered in Concentration Camps. They certainly never made it to America! Neither did I.

She is living proof.  Still alive and writing in Israel.  Read her blog from the right hand side of the page:  Middle East blog to hear rest of the story.