SPECIAL TO VIRGINIA NEWS SOURCE - Gov. McDonnell wimps out on gun rights

by Kenneth White, president
Virginia Taxpayers Association

Gov. Bob McDonnell has "wimped out on Americans' gun rights", the Virginia Taxpayers Association charged today.

Kenneth White, VTA President, said, "McDonnell's 45-member Task Force on School Safety, which he established and controls, refused to take any action on statesman-type House Bill 1557 sponsored by Del. Bob Marshall, R.-Manassas."

HB 1557 would have required all elementary and secondary schools in the commonwealth to have the principal and/or one or more designated  teachers or administrators to carry a concealed gun while on school property.

The designated individuals would be required to take a three-day course given by the Virginia Center for School Safety or the National Rifle Association in storage, use and handling of a concealed handgun.  The bill also outlined training requirements for designated persons as designated by the Department of Criminal Justice Service.

White said, "McDonnell knew that Marshall had received information from more than two dozen teachers from around the commonwealth that they wanted to  take the course described in HB 1557 following the terrible massacre of 20 first graders and 8 staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.  

Costs of paying instructors and necessary training equipment had been pledged by outside groups and individuals, with no expense to taxpayers being involved.

"McDonnell knew that a court had had agreed with a request from Danbury State's Atty.  Stephen J. Sedensky, III that five search warrants issued to police investigators probing the mass murder be placed under court seal, and that the documents will remain under court seal for 90 days.

"This makes the whole official story of what actually happened at Sandy Hook School highly suspicious, in part because no information on contents of the warrants was released by authorities, although information believed to be reliable is that two or three individuals besides Adam Lanza were involved in the massacre.  

"Further there is doubt that Lanza could have committed suicide, because the number of expended shells found next to his body inside the school came from a rifle found in the trunk of his car after his death.

"Many other details of what happened are impossible to reconcile with the official story --- which has been seized upon by the national gun control lobby to take away more portions of the Second Amendment.

"One of the most extraordinary is that one or more private funds had been set up two or three days BEFORE the disaster "to compensate families of those killed in the Sandy Hook shootings ! "

"McDonnell also knew that more than 200 sheriffs or sheriff associations around the U. S. had written letters to President Obama or Vicepresident  Biden telling them that they would not enforce in their counties any unconstitutional federal laws in violation of the Second Amendment, and that the Arkansas House of Representatives had passed a law allowing carrying of concealed handguns in churches."

White added:  "It is a virtual certainty that McDonnell will run for the U. S. Senate after his term as governor expires.  But at that time he can never claim that he has "always" stood for the Second Amendment, since the action of his Task Force for School Safety demonstrates conclusively that he has NOT so protected Americans' gun rights.

"This inaction by McDonnell we believe is the worst mistake he has ever made , and is FATAL to his chances of ever being elected to high public office again."