Meanwhile you know from the attached wed page --- --- that the Virginia Taxpayers Association has just destroyed the political future of Gov. Bob McDonnell. This explosive information will be on the web pages of Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Committee and, I believe, sooner or later, the Drudge Report, and others. And we can guarantee it will be an issue in the next Nelson County sheriff election campaign.

And do you think, if the Virginia Taxpayers Association has the power to destroy the political future of Governor McDonnell, we don't have the power of getting you out of office if you don't do something to protect your constituents' privacy and safety ?

Again, VTA DEMANDS that you draw up and pass a resolution, choosing your own words, stopping sheriff deputies from compelling individuals entering the courthouse --- who simply want to pay taxes, visit School Board offices or the Circuit Court Clerk's deed and computer book room --- to open their pocket books or briefcases and/or go through a metal detector, and thus stopping these deputies from obeying costly and unnecessary unlawful instructions from the fraudulent and unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and provide that metal detectors shall be used only at entrances to the General District Court and Circuit Court when the courts are actually in session, to protect the judges and others.

That concludes my Statement.