President Obama is proving himself totally ineffective as a leader.  Proving his only training and skill is as a ghetto community organizer. Demogaue on guns and the economy.

He rants and raves about the 2nd Amendment and the few deaths caused nationally compared to the hundreds of thousands of unborn children he kills with government funded abortion.  This man ain't in his right mind.

He is demogueing and trying to use false and fear-mongering rhetoric and sound bites to put the absolute worse view on sequestration. Listen to his speeches…”jobs.  Heatstart.  Nutrition programs.  Defense.”  That’s the extend of his speeches.

Where are his solutions?  Where’s his leadership?  VNS carried a story Tuesday, Feb. 26, stating the scare tactics of having to slow or close airport would occur with sequestration.  Yet the facts show that the FAA is spending more on consultants and travel that it would have to cut if sequestration occurs.

And nationally renown columnist George Will has consistently pointed out that sequestration will only amount to a 2.5-5% reduction in expenditures OUT OF A $14.9 TRILLION BUDGET?

Take 2.5% out of a dollar from your pocket - that would amount to 2.5¢.

If the idiots in DC can force the bureaucratic mismanaged government agencies to cut this small amount from their budget, they should all be fired.

It’s like VB Mayor Will Sessoms and City Mgr. Jim Spore when they are trying to get a tax increase instead of cutting the budget they only reference cuts in ambulance, police, transportation, etc., never the nanny government contributions to welfare queens.

But Obama has gone too far.  He’s inviting an attack on the heart and soul of the U.S. Defense forces:  He’s stationed 5 of the nation’s aircraft carriers together as one huge TARGET at the Norfolk Naval Station (see above picture).  

Will they impeach him if they are?  Why wait?