by Christian N. Braunlich
The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy today released a new brochure describing the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit.
The tax credit, signed into law by Governor Bob McDonnell last year, is similar to existing laws in 10 other states. It provides donors to qualified scholarship foundations a 65 percent state tax credit in addition to the existing state and federal tax deduction. Scholarship foundations, in turn, provide scholarships to students in low- and working-class families to attend a private school that better meets the student's needs.
The new brochure is aimed at educating potential scholarship foundation donors.
"This new scholarship program has the potential to offer new educational opportunities to nearly 600,000 Virginia students who need a better educational placement," said Chris Braunlich, vice president of the Jefferson Institute. "But a private program like this will only thrive if potential donors know about it and can include it in their mix of charitable giving.
"Our hope is that this brochure will be the first step in educating those donors about what is needed to build a robust program of educational choices for students who traditionally have had none."
A copy of the brochure may be found by clicking here.
Christian N. Braunlich
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