Proof that Goldman Sachs is more powerful than the Federal Reserve is that the chairman of the Federal Reserve is being replaced, while Loyd C. Flankbein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, remains as CEO of that


However in another field is an also extremely powerful organization which does advertise and claims to be eminently reputable,
and wants to handle the retirement plans of millions of customers. This organization is Fidelity Investment Services Inc., with capital of 183 billion owned by Edward C. Johnson 3rd, son of the founder, and his daughter, with headquarters in Boston, Mass.


Proof that Fidelity Investment Services also is a criminal organization is in the following letter four copies of which were sent
to Fidelity by the undersigned. The fact is, Fidelity,as the organization assigned to handle pension payments to AT&T retirees like the undersigned, has withheld some thousands of dollars from the pension fund and from tax payments which it was obligated to send to the undersigned, contrary to specific instructions by the undersigned, an internationally known investor.


I inform your board of these facts because I want you to know the depth of the criminality under which we are all operating, and I am continuing to DEMAND that your Board and Sheriff Brooks do something to correct this situation.


Again, VTA DEMANDS that you draw up and pass a resolution, choosing your own words, stopping sheriff deputies from compelling individuals entering the courthouse --- who simply want to pay taxes, visit School Board offices or the Circuit Court Clerk's deed and computer book room --- to open their pocket books or briefcases and/or go through a metal detector, and thus stopping these deputies from obeying costly and unnecessary unlawful instructions from the fraudulent and unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and provide that metal detectors shall be used only at entrances to the General District Court and Circuit Court when the courts are actually in session, to protect the judges and others.