Is Scott Rigell Next?


052013 antigunRigell


 Virginia 2nd District Rep. Scott Rigell is already in the sights of Dudley Brown's National Association forGun Rights. 


NAGR has run television ads in the 2nd district trashing Rigell for teaming up with anti-gun socialist VA Reps. Bobby Scott & Jim Moran, Liberal NY Rep.Carolyn MCCarthy, Race-baiting Shielia Jackson Lee, ultra liberal Black Democrap from TX, and NY Rep. Peter King, to pass a key part of Obama's anti-gun agenda.


Rigell's legislation would make gun owners criminals, NAGR says, if they trade or sell a gun without approval of Obama's government.


Rigell, is a Repubican now who would have been kicked out of the party if he'd been a member in 2008 when he gave Obama $1,000 campaign contribution.


He was one of only 2 Republicans who voted against holding Illegal Gun Running Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in contempt for giving guns to Mexican drug gangs.


And he cozied up to Obama on a ride  Obama on Air Force One - giving Obama a PR bonanza to go after conservatives in DC, NAGR says.


If he gets similarly targeted the way TN State Rep. Debra Maggart was - he could find himself on the outside looking in after a shortened political life.


Rigell needs to stop making excuses and take hardcore stands for his district - editorial