by Larry Henry
Louisville, TN

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Sources including the BBC, The UK Telegraph, PJ Media, Examiner.com, WND, Townhall.com, and Canada Free Press all confirm that our State Department and the White House engaged in a gun running scheme to al-Qaeda operatives in Libya for the purpose of overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi. NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey were involved. Following Gaddafi’s capture and brutal murder, Hillary Clinton sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to set up an embassy there to buy back our Stinger missiles.  
Barack Obama supported this operation.
Our CIA opposed the idea because of the high risk involved in arming “insurgents” with weapons that can shoot down civilian jetliners. Hillary Clinton went forward in spite of the danger because she wanted to bring down Gaddafi “on the cheap.”
Radical Muslims are not to be trusted any more so than Clinton or Obama. The plan backfired. Stevens and three other Americans were killed. The White House and the State Department then shifted into Denial Overdrive.
General Ham, US Africa Command, requested permission to send help, but was ordered to stand down. He tried anyway, and was threatened with dismissal. David Petraeus, CIA director, stated this order could only have come from Barack Obama. General Ham quietly retired in April, 2013.
Petraeus’ affair with his biographer was leaked to damage his credibility, and to silence him. When questioned by a congressional oversight committee Clinton angrily replied, “What difference does it make?”
Our blood and treasure is being squandered in the Middle East by Comrade Clinton and the Obama Regime.
The same thing happened in Korea, and Vietnam, cowardly politicians who flee from collateral damage or public criticism. And who covet political power.
Question: Why are Holder, Sharpton, and Obama stirring the pot of racial hatred? It’s a “Smoke Screen” to divert attention away from Benghazi, and all the rest of Obama’s “brilliant” failures.