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by Larry Henry
from the Shadows of UT in Louisville, TN
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The White House is lying out both sides of its pie hole, Congress is following close behind in lockstep, and so is the drive-by liberal media. Actual unemployment is 22 percent! Inflation is between 5 and 9 percent. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Obama calls Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, and all the rest of his bloody disasters “phony scandals.” The only thing phony about any of this is Obama himself, the biggest scam artist in American history. This man has never told the truth about anything, including his birth certificate. The one he finally trotted out six months ago was a computer enhanced forgery.  
Why has this Community Organizer not been impeached? He’s broken hundreds of federal laws, and violated the Constitution his entire presidency. Answer: He’s black! Liberals and African Americans went gaga over his skin color. Accomplishment, integrity, and love of country were thrown out the window.  
NBC is preparing a documentary on Hillary Clinton as the most trusted female in television. Good Lord! She and Obama caused Benghazi. The woman is despicable. Ask the Secret Service. She was fired from the Nixon hearings for dishonesty. Hillary, like Obama, has lied and cheated her way up the political food chain.   
Washington is a corrupt and dishonest place to work, a political cesspool of parasites and slimy politicians. That’s what’s running our country today, liberal dingbats, RINOs, and Chicago crooks.
Benghazi was real. Four dead Americans are proof of that. Fast & Furious was real. Hundreds of Mexicans were murdered plus one US border guard. America is under assault by the Left. Millions have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and lost their futures. The Left doesn’t give a damn. Uncle Sam is viewed as a colonial power. Obama wants Big Brother.  
Will ObamaCare destroy the American dream?