Another such Tetrad occurred in 1492. Yes, “Columbus sailed the ocean blue”, at the same time began the expulsion of the Jewish community from Spain. Did God send Columbus to discover the future refuge for God’s people escaping persecution throughout the rest of the world?

Coinciding with this immanent event, “Peace negotiations” with Israel and the Palestinians expire April 29, 2014. 

Every time America has interfered with or cajoled Israel to surrender land for “peace” great calamities have struck our nation. Never in our history has such an adversarial administration with such hostility toward Israel used so much coercion to force the dividing of the Holy Land. (As of this writing, Israel has recalled ALL diplomats and closed ALL of its embassy’s.)

Does this Tetrad bode the demise of this once great nation founded on the Magna Carta, and dedicated to the Glory of God, which has now outlawed this same God? Is God’s judgment at our door?

Joel 2:30 -31; Matthew 24:29Luke 21:11; Luke 21:25-26


Catherine Crabill - Irvington, VA