Kuchta, a heavily armed hunter, said he isn’t afraid of what Oppenheim can be seen trying to do, but what might happen under cover of darkness or in ambush, aided and abetted by the Virginia Beach School Board and administrative staff, who apparently really fear this sucker.

Kuchta said he has been told by police that it isn’t unusual, depending on the social status of student involved, that serious issues are frequently ‘covered up’ by school officials and the school resource officer - an on-duty, in-school cop and no action taken against students.

An Internet search shows that a Dr. Arnold R. Oppenheim who lives at the same address as Noah, is a dermatologist. Noah could not be reached for comment via phone or email.

Kuchta is a Louisiana Cajun nicknamed Capt. Jihad - a columnist for the Virignia News Source. Not a person to take lightly. He plans to pursue the issue.