The Soviet Union collapsed, my daddy died, the Challenger exploded, and the Berlin Wall came down. 

Carter became president, Princess Diana was killed, and Muslim fanatics began slaughtering people all over the planet. 

Then George Bush became president.

We won the Iraq War, most of it, Katrina befell us, then that terrible tsunami rolled into India, more Muslim murders, and finally Barack Hussein Obama landed in the oval office. That was 2008. 

But George Bush contributed to the present day calamity too. It turns out Bush was a RINO and Obama is a flaming Marxist.

I won’t dwell on Hussein Obama and his multiple short comings. Those of you who follow politics know about Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and the Cloward – Piven strategy. Obama is using them both to bring our Republic to heel.

I no longer believe in Democrats and Republicans or Washington, DC.

Yours truly evolved into a politically savvy man-thing.

I believe in the Tea Party, and burning radical Islam to the ground.