Deeds is apparently listening to a bunch of overpaid and apparently not very bright Political Advisors/Consultants. Their “strategy” for victory seems to be to constantly link each and every talking point and commercial to a graduate paper that McDonnell wrote over 20 years ago. Every ad and commercial that I have seen for Deeds brings up that paper McDonnell wrote at Regent University back in the 1980’s.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the “typical” dislike about negative campaigning type of article. Despite the so called dislike of negative advertising, the bottom line is that it usually pays off. My point is that these clowns aren’t bright enough to realize that what they have done is to energize that conservative base, when they needed to have been trying appeal to this group and to convince them to either stay home or to vote for Deeds.

Couple that with the huge Anti-Obama feeling among that same conservative base, and I see a end result of a conservative base that is now going to go all out for Bob McDonnell. I predict that Bob McDonnell is going to ride this conservative wave all the way to the Governor’s Mansion without even breaking a sweat.