The Incredible Shrinking Virginian-Pilot newspaper. Is this just the first step in its eventual disappearance?

A front page story Sunday announced that the Pilot is going to shrink by an inch in the next two weeks and the tabs, such as the Beacon, etc., will also shrink in size.

Then on Page 15, the publisher wasted a full page of news space on an ad talking about what a good job the Pilot is doing, how it's being responsive to the needs of its readers, how being smaller will allow it to keep the reporters who tell us everything we need to know.

This after a lead front page story this week - across the whole top of the front page - was about a couple whose wedding pictures were stolen. I didn't read the story at all, but my wife tried.  "What was it about," I asked.  "This couple who went on a honeymoon or trip and left their wedding pictures in their car and when they came back they found they'd been stolen." Read Editor's Blog:  Daily newspaper: Shrinking in size, relevancy!